Thursday, January 29, 2009

How I got run over

Day 29.

We were on our way home from the Ogden Dunes, Indiana where our weekly playgroup was held today. The exit of the dunes is a stoplight - I needed to turn right. The light was red, and I noticed a "No Turn on Red" sign - obviously there because of the railroad tracks that also accompanied the intersection. I was running late (I had bradley to teach tonight), and I knew it could be a LONG time before the light turned. So, I waited a bit, wiped Dylan's nose in a crazy mom turn around move (good thing my neck is almost back to normal), scoped the surrounding area for police cars, and decided to just turn. There were no trains or even cars in sight.

As I was turning, I saw the police car, sitting in the gas station across the street - how the *#&$*@#! did I miss that? I turn, and I see a police man bolt out of the gas station and jump in his car, lights on, getting closer. SHOOT me.

Me: Oh my gosh. Shoot! I cannot believe this! He's pulling me over.
Dylan: Who's pulling you over?
Me: The police officer. He's pulling me over.
Dylan: Why is he pulling you over?
Me: Because I turned right on red and I shouldn't have. I broke the rules, and I shouldn't have done that.

Police man at my window. I give him my license and registration and he goes back to his car. Grueling wait ensues. He comes back.

Policeman: Yeah, do you have the registration for YOUR car?
Me: What? Oh crap - this is for my husband's car!! Oh my gosh, we must have swapped them on accident.

Somehow, still:

I am grateful I just got a written warning.

As we were pulling away (quite nervously - how is it that somehow after you get pulled over you suddenly feel like you are back in driver's ed and you don't know how to drive without swerving?), Dylan asked me - "Mommy why did the policeman run you over?"

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