Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday, Lazy Wednesday

Day 7.

We spent the day inside today. It was a glorious never leave the house and stay in your pajamas all day kind of day. I don't normally like those days, and am usually the first to sign up for some random outing or trip to Target just to get out. But today, I embraced our home. I embraced that during the intermittent snowfall all day, I didn't have to pull on boots, scrap a car window full of ice, or shovel myself out of city street parking. I watched the snow from inside, and it was beautiful.

I am grateful for lazy days at home.

Really, if you know me, it isn't something I thought I would be grateful for...ever. I can be a homebody, but a busy homebody. I don't like to just lay around much - but would rather get stuff accomplished, work on projects, and just have an agenda. But not today.

And the wildest thing about me being "lazy" today, is that my house looks better than it has in weeks! I built some cleaning into my laziness that didn't even feel like cleaning. Usually when I try to clean, my kids get the shaft, and I wind up doing next to nothing and still feeling guilty for ignoring them as much as I need to so I can get that "nothing" done. Not today.

I guess I'll be lazy more often.

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