Sunday, January 11, 2009

Safe Place

Day 11.

We were randomly watching Stand By Me the other night, and I was marveling how carefree and easy it was to live back in the day - even 30 years ago - kids tooled around their neighborhoods, towns, and beyond with so much more freedom. It made me aware of how gaurded our kids are now. In a world that is getting scarier, more dangerous, or maybe just us humans getting ever more anxious and worried (or is that just me?), I am grateful to have a place our whole family feels comfortable and safe. For me, this place is Lombard Mennonite Church.

I am grateful for our church.

I realized this when after the worship service this morning, I was able to just tell Dylan, not even 4 years old, "Go ahead and go down to singing." And she went! Happily, confidently by herself. I knew if she got lost that one of the other members of the congregation would help her find her way. We look out for each other there, and I love that. What a joy to worship God with people you feel at home with.

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