Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snow Day!

Day 14.

Well, not really a snow day, but we did trudge through the snow to get to Dylan's first Discover Art class. She really wanted to go to school, so she chose "Art School" and we made that happen today. But really, the snow day meant that we canceled playgroup today and instead, all the moms emailed incessantly all day with ideas about projects to do with your kids to beat the indoor blues. And wow, were we all creative.

I am grateful for my creative playgroup moms.

Several of these wonderful women talked about food coloring the snow in some way: spray bottles, squirt bottles, etc. And there was wonderful talk about putting snow in the sink and letting them play. So, we went for it!

They took a little time to get into it, but eventually they loved playing in that frosty mess! And I was somehow able to let go and allow them to play freely and dump snow on the floor. When they got bored, we got out the spray bottles and I put water with a couple drops of food coloring in them. They couldn't work the spray bottles, so I poured the colored water into different bowls and got out chunky paintbrushes. Jackpot. They painted that snow for almost an hour! It was great fun, they didn't have to wear their mittens since they were holding paintbrushes, and it was just new and different! Thanks fabulous moms!

Now go do it yourself - so fun!
And if you want pictures - check out my other blog:

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  1. okay, i just posted a comment, but apparently didn't type the gibberish word correctly. here's what i think i wrote...(ish)

    awesome! i just checked for photos, but they aren't there! i'm assuming i'm just too quick and beat you to actually posting them, so I'll check back later. love you!