Sunday, January 4, 2009

Once Upon a Time

Day 3.
Saturday, January 3rd 2009

Wow, airplanes are pretty easy with children when you bring along two grandparents and one great aunt to watch your kids. Then you get to read, your husband gets to watch $5.99 tv (I thought that was a little ridiculous, but he didn't ask me...) and Dylan gets to hear 1 hour and 45 minutes of Aunt Jeanie's famous stories.

I am grateful for Aunt Jeanie's imagination and her creative stories.

My aunt tells the best stories. I remember them fondly from my childhood and I now get to hear her pass them down to my children. I am so happy she remembers so much from her upbringing, and what she doesn't tell from direct experience, she makes up! Dylan will listen to her stories (and take part in the storytelling..."No, they are going to the library, not the restaurant!") for hours. On our New Years Colorado trip, her and Jeanie spent much time telling stories together. I think I have an imagination until I see how these two work together to make up the most elaborate and creative story lines.

She got stories and I got peace.

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