Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday time with God

Day 22.

What a wonderful group of moms I get to meet with every other Thursday morning. I joined a mom's Bible study here in hyde park and it has been so wonderful meeting these other women of faith.

I am grateful for the women in my Bible study.

While we meet and are studying the Psalms, Dylan and Noah have their own classes too. Noah's in the nursery with the under 2 crowd, and Dylan goes to the over 2 class which has two fabulous teachers leading them in a Bible-centered play and learn time. It's wonderful - like Sunday school on Thursday! Dylan always comes away from this time happy and refreshed. And so do I! What an amazing group of women these are...inspiring and uplifting.


  1. That sounds great! What program or group is it through?

  2. It's actually not through any program or congregational affiliation - just some moms in our neighborhood decided to start it, got together other moms from their church, friends, etc. and they posted it online on this Hyde Park Parent Support Network I belong to - I found it there and never would have met these women otherwise. It's awesome because we come from all denominations and that makes it even more interesting.