Monday, January 12, 2009

Name change

Day 12.

Jason was home sick today with a cold/cough combo. So, I convinced him to let me leave Noah with him to hang out while I took Dylan to ballet this afternoon. Usually I take both of them and Noah and I sit outside the class and wait. But if I go alone, then I can volunteer to do the door buzzer, from INSIDE the ballet studio, and then I get to watch the class! What fun! I love watching those little 3 and 4 year old bodies leap and spin and gallop around the room. So cute.

I am grateful for the Hyde Park School of Dance.

Miss Allison is the teacher and Dylan absolutely adores her. For some time now she has been calling ALL dollhouse people, stuffed animals, pretend-play characters and anyone in her made up stories "Allison." I didn't make the correlation until recently that it was because of dear Miss Allison from the HPSD.

Today on the way home from class, she told me she wanted to go to ballet again today: three more times today! Then she told me, "Mom, I would rather me be Allison than Dylan."

"But Dylan is YOUR name," I said. "We chose it special for you. You are such a Dylan!"

"No! I want to be Allison," she barked back. "I'm changing my name to Allison."

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  1. I have to say that this post is pretty hilarious. Having been witness to your pregnancy with Dylan and remembering the many conversations that were had regarding names, it seems a very Dylan thing to re-name herself, don't ya think? So sweet.