Sunday, January 25, 2009

A sacred hour to myself

Day 25.

Dylan has officially given up her nap. I knew this day would come and I thought I would be more distraught. It's really proven to be a blessing in disguise, because the past 4-6 months of napping for her has been very sporadic, unpredictable and just plain annoying. One day she would go down easily and takes a 3+ hour nap, the next she wouldn't allow herself to settle down and fall asleep at all. She resisted quiet time - just coming out of their room, and I eventually gave in.

But see, this helped no one. She didn't get sleep, and I didn't get the hour of PEACE I so desperately need each afternoon to recharge and remember why I love staying home full time. Something had to change.

Finally, this January, she gave it up for good, rarely taking that coveted 3 hour nap that used to come on a semi-regular basis. And just last week I found the key: quiet time in MY room, not in her room with Noah. See, if she wasn't taking a nap, she was talking to Noah, and thus HE was not taking a nap. Not good. So there she went, into my room, with a pile of books 2 feet high, a magna-doodle and her coveted camera (thanks Auntie Susie). She agreed to stay in there for an hour, and it worked! So, that's now our routine (only three days old), and I'm LOVING that I have an hour to myself again. That hour I become even more grateful.

But I'm getting off track. Today, after church, on our way home...both kids zonked.

I am grateful that Dylan took a nap.

As wonderful as quiet time has become, sleeping is always better.

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