Sunday, February 15, 2009

Body love

Day 46.

I have had a mediocre day of health and energy. A rough start this morning, and although I am exhausted right now and ready for bed (anticipating a short post), I did feel good for most of the afternoon.

And while I know I struggle with my own health issues, and that makes it harder to take care of my children, harder to be a nice person, and just harder in general - life is good. And for that,

I am grateful for my body, and the amazing things it does for me.

We only get one body in our lifetime, and it's pretty incredible the things we do to destroy it ourselves. So, thank you body, for holding up for me so far. For letting me stuff the occasional movie theater butter popcorn or red dye #40 in you - and not shutting down - for this I am grateful.

I guess this where the whole "my body is a temple" does make a lot of sense on many different levels. Today, I thank God for fearfully and wonderfully making our bodies.

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