Saturday, February 21, 2009

Poetry Reading

Day 52.

Tonight for bedtime stories, Noah chose a poetry book. This book is one that my aunt Jeanie gave us and it is fabulous - it is totally perfect for young children, has many famous authors as the poets, and the illustrations are beyond charming.

I let them pick out a few poems each to read, and then for the finale, I chose one that I know they love and assumed they forgot about (we haven't read it in at least a month, probably more). It was Rickety Train Ride by Tony Mitton. I started reading and Dylan interrupted..."No no no Mommy! I want to read it!"

I am grateful for poetry.

She started over and recited the whole thing from memory. I was blown away. Children connect with poetry in a really amazing way, and it really made me want to read them more of it, and try to memorize some on my own so I can recite them throughout the day. So fun.

Rickety Train Ride by Tony Mitton

I'm taking the train to Ricketywick.
Clickety clickety clack.
I'm sat in my seat.
With a sandwich to eat.
As I travel the trickety track.

It's an ever so rickety trickety train,
And I honestly thickety think.
That before it arrives
At the end of the line
It will tip up my drippety drink.

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  1. yes! we love this book, too. anya loves us reading it although i have to admit that we've never read this train poem because she always starts at several places and we read forward from there and somehow must have missed this one. that's so cool (and not at all surprising!) that dylan recited it. thanks, jeanie, if you're reading this!