Saturday, February 14, 2009

Take Notice

Day 45.

This morning I took Noah to the grocery store with me after his Lil' Kickers soccer class. It was so rare to go with just him and not have two bodies to entertain while simultaneously trying to conquer my shopping list. I was reminded of the simplicity of life with one child.

What did I notice? I noticed the noticing. All the people taking a moment to smile, to say a kind word, to take a deep breath and enjoy my little boy. They all wanted to catch whatever he "had." He was infectious.

I am grateful for noticing.

Only a little more than a week beyond my post office debacle and I am able to see how much more I encounter kindness than malice. My aunt Jeanie always tells me when she's with us - how much Noah gets noticed. How much people smile at him. How he brightens strangers' days just being who he is. In my mommy mode, I don't pay attention.

Comparatively, my post office incident, is a blip in a good life of good people. Good people noticing us, and us now noticing them.


  1. what happened to day 44?

    great post. sorry i don't comment often, but i love reading it every night (or in the morning if I stop checking before you write). i am always so happy when it says I have a new post here to read.

  2. I screwed up with the numbering and had two day 42s. So, now they are right.