Friday, February 27, 2009


Day 58.

I am grateful for field trips.

Today was a dreary, rainy/snowy, wintery day. It was in the 20's and I am just done with that weather. I wanted to be on a beach, but second to that, was the mall. We weren't planning on going to the mall today, and I can't honestly remember the last time I was in a mall...oh, I'm lied - it was when we took the kids to sit on Santa's lap (and the elves publicly scolded me for taking my own photos when there were signs posted). Regardless, the kids love a good carousel ride. The kids needed a good romp in the mall playground. And I needed some time away from my house where I didn't feel chores calling my name.

So, we headed down to Orland Square, got the kids hair cut, did the carousel, had lunch, and played at the playground. Topped off by a little window shopping (promise, not one dime spent), it was a wonderful day!

I am such an attentive mother when I don't have distractions - mainly my own home and all there is to be done there. Or, other times, my distractions are my wonderful friends, who I love talking to, but usually my doing so makes me a not-so-mindful mother. The phone, the computer (hello - did anyone notice I blog daily?!). Let's not think of any more.

But on field trips, I'm all theirs. My attention, my listening ears, my focus.

And then, I see gratitude as a frame of mind, not just a token moment of the day.


  1. i know what you mean. i took the kids to bloomba this week and as usual was surprised how i was seriously the only person there with just my kids. everyone else had multiple adults per family or was a group of moms meeting up with all their kids. and while on one hand, it was like, what's wrong with me? don't i have any friends? do people look at me and think how sad that she has to come by herself? but in reality, it was what i wanted. i didn't have to talk to anybody. i could just play with my kids and watch them, which was hard enough having two in that space. i got to spend time with them. and of course, i'm first to admit, i was smug that i was one of the only ones actually paying attention to my kids for the good and the bad. i was there. and the funny/sad thing was that not only was i there for my kids, i was there for all the others, too. this one little boy kept tugging on my pants saying "watch!" he just wanted somebody to pay attention and to acknowledge what he was doing and found some random stranger to do it. however, i'd trade it all to hang out with you because with you i can ignore you when i need to and still be mostly engaged in what is going on with my kids yet not be totally isolated. that's what makes it so great and different and special. sorry for the book of a comment. love you.

  2. I have the same issue, or maybe it isn't an issue, just a realization that getting out of the house gets me focused on my children. We went to the nature museum last Thur (when it is free) and I watched their interests, saw what excited them and could ask them all kinds of questions. When we're at home, I feel like there are things that need to be done (and, oh, so important things like opening mail) and lose my focus on their interest of the moment. I feel better knowing that this is a common realization!