Friday, February 6, 2009


Day 37.

My husband is kindly waiting for me to blog so we can watch a movie. So, I'll make this short (after yesterday's entry, I am due for a day of brevity).

I went in for a CT scan this evening for my neck/thyroid issues. So, I was sitting in my hospital gown watching NBC Nightly News for awhile in three different waiting rooms (it's amazing how they herd you around like cattle in a hospital setting...), and it the newscast tonight was all about the depressing economy, the 600,000 more jobs lost in January, individual states' financial crises, etc. What a downer. But then I thought about our current financial situation, and how much stress I usually have over it - living in the city on one teacher's salary.

I am so grateful my husband has a stable job.

Really, what a blessing to know he will get a paycheck each month. Many people around the world (not just America) do not have that luxury. So, for that I am truly, truly grateful today.

I'm being beckoned to the movie...

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