Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Butterfly in the breeze

Day 48.

We have officially started a project on butterflies in our house. Dylan did a pre-draw today and we checked out about 12 books on butterflies at the library last week (during failed storytime). Today we made a web of what we know about butterflies, and wrote down some questions we wanted to get answered. Then we headed to the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum for some good butterfly fun.

I am grateful for butterflies.

What a wonderful, amazing site to walk into the Butterfly Haven to 1200 butterflies (more than 75 species) in a 2700 square-foot greenhouse. INCREDIBLE. It stopped us all in our tracks. We just walked in the door and stood there, watching as butterflies flew all around us!

Butterflies are fabulous, delicate insects. I learned so much from Roberto, the butterfly expert there in the haven. i.e. Butterflies eat an all liquid diet, slurping liquid through their straw-like mouth (now don't you feel enlightened?) We brought our list of questions and asked him all we wanted to know. It was great - he was like a walking encyclopedia on butterflies! Dylan loved asking him questions and Noah even got into it after awhile - although he would try to ask questions we had already asked. :) Thanks, Roberto.

One butterfly even landed on Noah's shoulder! But, Noah freaked slightly (probably cause I freaked a bit - in a good way) and Dylan didn't get to see it. I didn't get the camera in time... Here are Noah and Dylan making observations.

And here is the fun butterfly bench we got to sit on before we left the museum...

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  1. What fun! Be sure to go to insectlore.com and order a butterfly kit in a month or 2 (hmm... 4th birthday present?) - we did it last year and it was amazing. They send you a jar with 5 live caterpillars, and you take care of them until you release them in the backyard as butterflies! I remember Iain named one Butter One and another was Butter Two. Naturally.