Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fine, Fine, we're fine.

Day 56.

Noah is fine (I assume). He's acting normal and he has a red bruisey mark on his head, but doesn't seem to be acting in any way that would alert even me, the head worrier of momville.

I didn't post about this, but Noah's lead levels (through the finger prick test) were really really elevated on Friday at his 2-year old checkup. In the very scary range - 29 - of whatever measurement they use. So I had to take him back in for a blood-draw lead test. Poor guy - he got two vaccines that morning, a lead finger prick test, and then that afternoon a blood test! He was so mad.

But, the good news is that they finally just called me today and he's fine on the lead front too. His level was less than 5. It was a lab error, which I guess is pretty common. But how annoying to have to wait five days to find out for sure!

I am grateful for my healthy little boy.

Thank you God for walking me through this worrisome time and not letting me freak out like I usually do. I felt like you were holding my hand the whole way. It's nice to feel these little workings of the Spirit.

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  1. phew! what a relief. i'm so happy he's okay.