Monday, February 16, 2009


Day 47.

This morning Jason and I did a few errands in the suburbs, so we left the kids with Jason's mom for a couple of hours. It was a nice little outing for just the two of us, even if we didn't really accomplish much - striking out on most of our attempts.

When we were leaving, I called the kids to come say goodbye to us. It was hard to tear them away from their play time with grandma, but eventually I heard Noah come running from the other room. I was crouching down, and so he ran to me with arms wide open and a big smile. He wrapped his little arms as far as he could around me and said, "Good bye mommy!"

I am grateful for little voices.

I know I hear them talk all day long, and I often get annoyed with the incessant questions, comments and diversions they provide...all day long. But when a little sentence out of a just-two-year old little boy is uttered sweetly in my ear, it is simply divine. I want to savor that voice, that sentence, that exact moment and how those words made me feel...forever.

I imagine that I'll always remember that voice, that his little voice at two will be ringing in my ears in ten years, in twenty, maybe even forty. But then I realize that I don't even remember Dylan's voice at two! She talks so grown-up now...and for that little voice of hers, I mourn. For that reason, I'll listen a little closer, savor their words a little longer, and try, REALLY try - to not get annoyed tomorrow.

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