Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No Jacket Needed

Day 41.

What a day. The car read 63 degrees outside. I had completely forgotten what it was like to go to the park. And today, I got to remember.

I am grateful for this tease of spring.

I know it's not lasting. I know it will probably snow again by the weekend. But today I saw a beautiful, refreshing, amazing glimpse of spring. And when you have two stir-crazy kids and one sun-denied mom, a sunny park is just the prescription.

Here's a picture of Dylan and Noah running down the hill next to the playground. They did this multiple times until Noah fell down for the fifth time and decided he didn't like muddy grass on his hands. No, he's not that clumsy. They were going down holding hands - and Dylan just has a bigger stride, so she kept pulling him down on accident.

Then, after Jason got home, we went out to the Point (the Lake Michigan shore by our house - Promintory Point is the name of the park there). They were both so excited to "Sit and Watch the Lake!" Dylan did documentary-style photography the whole way there - taking pictures of everything from her own shoes to the sewer grates to "mommy's chiropracter!" to closeups of Jason's head (repeatedly). We plan to make a book entitled, My Walk to the Lake. Look for that bestseller at your local Borders this fall.

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  1. That was the day my babysitter took the girls to the park and said Nourit played with some little girls there. When I asked N about it later, she said "I played with kids similar to the kids in my bible class." The next day, I ran into another mom with two little blonde girls and asked if she was at the park the same time N went with the sitter (I had a hunch!) Yep! It was the little blondies, so I knew Nourit had made the connection between these girls and Dylan (the other cute little blondie!) Wasn't that a beautiful day??