Sunday, February 8, 2009


Day 39.

We've been reading a lot of The Rhyme Bible. I think it's an awesome first bible for toddlers/preschoolers and the pictures are fun and not as cliche as some children's bibles (yes, still long-haired white Jesus, but it is better than most...).

I am grateful for The Rhyme Bible.

Dylan gets consumed with certain stories. It used to be "The Sick Girl" - about the girl who dies and Jesus touches her and raises her from the dead. Lately, Dylan's really interested in death in general. Not in a scared way, but just in a really fascinated way. So, now we've moved on to "The Day Jesus Died" which is the crucifixion story (obviously). She is so interested in the image of him on the cross. And lately, she asked me how he was so brave? It was a really good question, and helped me think about where Jesus got his strength, and where we get ours.

Today Dylan was playing in the playroom with the dollhouse by herself while Noah napped and I was writing some letters. She came over to tell me a little tidbit of the story she was acting out and at one point said (with eyes wide and total intensity), "I was SO brave! ... As brave as JESUS!!!"

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