Monday, February 23, 2009

I mean it!

Day 54.

I was just putting Noah and Dylan to bed and I was getting really frustrated. I wanted them in bed, lights out, closed door by 7:00. They were both exhausted and I was exhausted. But everything always takes longer when you're in a hurry, and annoyed.

Dylan and Noah were rolling around the bed instead of getting settled to get their jammies on. I convinced Dylan to cooperate, but Noah started jumping on the bed. I asked him once very firmly to stop - it was time to calm down for bed. And 10 seconds later he did it again. So, I raised my voice and said very sternly: "Noah, I mean it. No jumping." I was mad.

Dylan looked at me like, "whoa, she means business." But Noah? He cracked a smile and said in a whiney little voice: "I mean it! I mean it!"

I am grateful to be able to laugh at myself.

First Dylan laughed, then Noah laughed and said, "That funny mommy! I mean it!"
I tried to quickly think of something really sad to keep me from laughing. No luck. I couldn't help it and started giggling. We all ended up cuddling and giggling, and they both relaxed into my lap for stories.

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