Saturday, February 7, 2009

A task for a balmy day

Day 38.

This winter has been something. I do not remember people talking about the cold weather this much any other year of my adult life. It has been snowy, cold, windy and just plain awful for...well...all of December and January. It feels like we've faced ALL of winter already, and we're still forty-one days from the first day of spring. Arrrrgghh.

But today, we were able to take a deep breath and hang in there. It actually read 61 degrees on my car thermometer. Wow. And what is the number one thing a city mom with no parking space/garage wants to do when she has a day FINALLY above freezing?

I am grateful I got to clean out my pit of a car.

My car is like my second home. Only the much messier, disgusting, WT home I would never want to live in. It had gathered layers and layers of crap on the floor, on the seats, in the cup holders, and every other nook and cranny possible. It was downright embarrassing to have even my own husband ride with me. So, today I could stand outside and dig until I finally saw the glorious sight of car mats - flooded with cheerios and raisins - but car mats just the same. After a $2.95 trip to the gas station to vacuum out the snacks ($1.25 for the vacuum power, $1.70 for the Diet Coke I needed to get the job done)...I am oh so ready for guests.

Does anyone need a ride?

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