Thursday, February 12, 2009

Noah Quinn Rhodes • 1:53am, Feb 12, 2007

Day 43.

Dear Noah,

Today you turned two. On one hand, it's obvious. You seem like a two-year-old in many ways - your speech, your love of independence, your running away from me at any moment in public. But in most ways, to me - your forever-adoring-you mother - you are still my baby.

I still remember every minute of your birth day two years ago. That day was one of great joy, great sadness, and great confusion. We all made it through that day because God gave us the strength. Sending you into surgery the day after your birth was the hardest thing I have ever done as a parent. My love for you that day was infinite, just as it is today, two years later.

Two years ago I had no idea what the future held for you. And in all reality, I still don't. All I can do is trust God to stay close to you in this precious life. And hope you learn to know Him personally, so you can find the same comfort that your dad and I did in those early hours of your life on earth.

You are loved little man more than you will ever realize. You have a supportive crowd of people that all rejoice when they see your smiling healthy face, catch your full-body run, or hear your infectious giggle. You will never need to be lonely.

Noah, I can't wait for every day spent with you. Thank you for forgiving me, for loving me, for letting my not-so-perfect parenting slide. Thank you for your perfect little utterances "I love you sky and back mommy. Heaven and back." The feeling is mutual.

When I think back to two years ago today, most of all - I am grateful.

Love, Mommy

I am grateful for my miracle boy, Noah Quinn.

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