Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 171.

Jason and I just got back from a lovely date night. I freakin' love date nights. It makes you grateful for a lot of things: your marriage, your children (whom you love being away from for those hours, but can't wait to come kiss when you get home), yummy food at a too-nice restaurant you feel guilty for going to, a fun and thought-provoking play. But mostly,

I am grateful for a wonderful babysitter.

Dylan's clinginess in bible school this week is spilling over into other parts of our lives lately, and she is struggling with separation in many situations, bedtime especially. So, it was no surprise that Katie had a hard time getting the kids to bed. I called it. In fact, I am just surprised Dylan didn't cry when we left tonight (which for the record, they NEVER cry for Katie, the wonderful babysitter).

Bedtime was rough, as the report went, but all in all, I'm still happy. Katie sat with Dylan on the couch, until about 9:15 (her bedtime is usually 7:30), telling stories with her. Then Dylan told her, "Let's go to my room and you can tell me more stories while I rest." So she did.

I remember being that babysitter - the one who tried everything, even if it went against the normal routine - just to keep the kid happy, content and safe. I always knew if I didn't follow the parents' orders exactly, I'd never get in trouble if I erred on the side of love. Thank God our sitter does the same.

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