Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 164.

Saturday, June 13, 2009.

I love weddings. I don't even have to know the couple well to enjoy myself. I love getting dressed up, going to a meaningful ceremony, holding hands with my husband during the vows. You know, this is good mushy stuff. I can't help but be happy at weddings...and let's not forget all the fun at the reception!

I am grateful for weddings.

Thanks to my dear friend Chad from college, who married Rachel today. It was such a fun day, and brought friends together for a wonderful, enjoyable time. We danced the night away!

And on top of all this, weddings (especially without my kids to run after) give me a time to focus in on my own marriage, to remember the night, almost six years ago, that Jason and I said our vows to each other, danced our first song to Norah Jones, didn't get to eat a piece of our own wedding cake. So I hold Jason a little closer, convince him to come out on the dance floor with me a few times, and revel in the memories. At the same time, I re-commit myself to my wonderful husband, and am glad that after six years of marriage, I still do get butterflies when he puts his arm around me at a wedding.


  1. I love weddings, too! Your's and Jason's was (and is!) so special to me because it was the first wedding Sean and I went to together. Can't believe it was almost six years ago! And just so you know, we had your cake and it was wonderful! ;)

  2. We didn't get any of our wedding cake either.