Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 162.

I felt awful today. Maybe it's the swine flu - did you see my post from yesterday? Maybe it's just an overall achy body that makes me want to go to bed and never come out. Whatever it is, I have to kick it soon - we're hoping to have a fun weekend away for a friend's wedding, and are leaving the kids with my sister and brother-in-law and nephew. My children will be so sad if this doesn't happen...and needless to say, so will I.

I am grateful for my children taking it easy on me today.

It's not fun to have a mom who lays on the couch all day, who only gets up to make you lunch or wipe your bottom. I hate having to say, "No, I can't make up a story, but if you come over here by the couch, I'll do a puzzle with you."

But the kids were wonderful and kind, and there was only one moment all day (right before lunch when they were starving and crazy and I couldn't get my bum off the couch fast enough) where there was complete meltdown on all three of our parts - a nasty picture.

Thanks Dylan & Noah for letting me rest (as best as one can with two young kids running around the house going stir-crazy!), for not whining when I said NO fifty times in a row, and for playing so nicely together so I didn't have to mediate very many fights.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a new day.

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