Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 156.

After dinner I was trying to convince Jason to give the kids a bath. They desperately needed one after almost a week without AND sunscreen on today. Yikes. But I just really hate giving baths. I don't have the energy or creativity by the evening to be fun at bathtime. I guess I should do more morning baths.

The problem was that he wasn't being convinced, and the kids were listening to our whole conversation. I was ashamed that we were both trying to get out of giving them a front of them. I didn't feel like a very good example.

I am grateful for having my own live-in marriage therapists.

Dylan cut through our conversation in a very calm, but firm voice:
"Guys, let's just not talk about this anymore."
Noah repeated for added emphasis (and comic relief):
"Guys, you not talk about this anymore."

Ok, we're done. I lose. I'm giving the bath.

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  1. Ugh, I'm so with you on this one. Baths are so PHYSICAL - the last thing I'm up for at the end of the day. My latest inspiration was "candlight bath" - tea lights all over the bathroom, classical music in the background - they loved it and the mood lighting actually kept things (relatively) calm and quiet! Add a glass of wine for mommy and suddenly bath time isn't too bad!
    I still would rather watch TV while Daddy does it though.