Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 159.

We had no real plans today, so it was nice to be able to schedule returning library books (for once on time!), cleaning up around the house, and finally unpacking my Colorado suitcases/random bags for today. The one thing I wound up doing more of than I planned...talking to medical professionals on the phone all afternoon. Why is it that managing insurance companies, medical referrals, and billing questions can be a full time job?

I expect customer service people to be either incompetent and/or not people-persons. I have fought my share of battles over the phone with these individuals, and so I'm sorry if anyone out there is a kind, patient and intelligent customer service representative, but I just have not had the pleasure of dealing with you.

I am grateful for kind and competent customer service people.

Today was an exception. I talked to several, and although I was sent around in circles on the phone with Children's Memorial, trying to get a pre-certification for Noah, at least I was talking to real people who really did want to help and understand my situation.

On the phone with Dylan's dental office, the nice receptionist even waived the $8.00 bill because, according to her, "if they go broke over $8.00 they have bigger problems to worry about." How nice.

I don't know, maybe the economy is making everyone more grateful for their jobs, thus paying it forward to the customers they deal with, and I'd like to think my kids even benefited from a nice, calm mommy as I got off those calls - which would not have happened if I'd spent two hours on the phone with my usual customer service crew.

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