Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 174.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009.

Because I was posting about my retreat on Sunday, and not about the current holiday, here is a post that I have been wanting to write since that day. It's especially relevant today as I spend time with my father and my husband here at the cabin.

I am grateful for fathers.

First, to Jason, the father of my children. If I could pick the perfect dad for my children, it would be you. You amaze me daily with your patience, your unending creativity, your stamina for play. The love you have for our children radiates from within you, and not only do I see it, but they feel it. You are adored, and not just because you will play ponies (with voices), play baseball endlessly, and read five books at bedtime. You are adored because you make up silly play like "Michael and Jane" and "Hide and Seek Videos." You are adored because you give hugs in abundance (minus when you are "too sweaty daddy!"). You are adored because you are an incredible dad, and I am so grateful and blessed to be on this parenting journey with you alone. Thank you for being patient with me too, as I read too many books and try to tell you what is best. You know how I am...

Next, to my father-in-law, Warren. From the moment I first came home with Jason to Winfield 8.5 years ago, you have opened your arms to me. You were maybe a little skeptical of this girl with an eyebrow ring, but you didn't show it. You have been nothing but accepting and loving, and I have felt like I belonged all along. You have treated me like your own daughter, and I know how lucky and blessed I am to have in-laws who I adore. Now, it's amazing to watch you with our children, being a terrific "Grandpa Warren" to them. They love you so much, and you show them openly that the feeling is utterly mutual.

And finally, to my own dad, Clark. You have been an example to me of what a father is supposed to be like. Jason had high expectations to live up to because of your amazing acceptance, love and support the past 29 years. You have lost your temper and not understood me at times, but you never stopped loving me. I have always trusted you and most of all, have always looked up to you as an incredible role model and the most ethical and kind man walking this earth. You have a rich soul, and it shows in your deep personal and successful work lives. Thank you for giving me high standards to live up to, and for being such a good person, I couldn't think of doing otherwise. Now watching you with my own children is so joy-filled. I imagine you with me as a young child, and I see the fun you have with them. They love you incredibly, and can't wait to see their "Grandpa Clark" again.

And to my grandfathers - one who I never knew, but longed to meet. And the other, I miss you deeply. I have no other words to describe your presence in my life, but rich. Thank you for your shaping of my life in so many ways.

Here's to all the wonderful fathers out there!


  1. The post was wonderfully written and moving. Thanks for sharing your perspectives!