Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 155

I was super sad to leave Colorado. Super excited to see the Gingerich family in Kalona. Again super sad to leave them after only seeing them for one morning in beautiful sunny Iowa. But,

I am grateful to be home.

I missed:
- my wonderful, amazing husband who looks even cuter than I remembered. :)
- my porch, and my plants (some of which got trampled by a downpour while Jason was at school one day...)
- my kitchen
- my bed - although lara, the bed is really comfortable in the guest room!
- my laptop (is that sad? i missed my bookmark toolbar)
- my neighborhood. It felt so good to be rolling into hyde park this evening.
- my couch...which I have yet to curl up on because I have been teaching my class all night and now Jason is sprawled out...hmmmm

It's good to be home.


  1. we miss you like crazy here, but i totally understand. there is NO place like home and i too miss all those things when i'm not here.

  2. glad to hear you made it home! plants got terribly trampled by the downpour as well....I think I will be lucky if I get any veggies from them at all! HA