Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 175.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009.

I am desperate for my kids to learn to swim. I regard it as a potentially life-saving need. Thus, I am currently looking into swimming lessons for them both. We tried lessons with the Park District last Nov/Dec and they were unsuccessful. Not the teaching/learning part as much as just the getting to the lessons in 10 degree weather and enjoying them part. The water was cold, the locker rooms were colder, and then your hair froze when you stepped outside. For me, who already hates indoor pools, it wasn't worth it.

So, I need to find something this summer (fast! The summer suddenly seems to be half over) to give my kids some much-needed instruction. In the meantime, the hot tub at the cabin is sufficing for these few days.

I am grateful for hot tubs.

It's freaking hot here, so we're not cranking up the heat. Rather, we're keeping it a nice "cool" 90 degrees and enjoying the water in the midst of the humidity. The kids are having a blast in there. They can both actually touch the bottom (Noah, BARELY, and he just figured this out and was brave enough to do it today on the third trip in) so that makes for a fairly safe, stress-free soak for us all. Other than the random pool games we have to make up, Dylan and Noah are mostly content with jumping and splashing around, playing with all the rubber duckies Grandma and Grandpa put in there, and occasionally braving the "underwater" world.

The both LOVE the water, but don't know how to swim, and are scared of going under. THAT is why they need swimming lessons.

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