Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 157.

We went to my cousin's daughter's one year old birthday part this afternoon. All the fun you can expect from a one-year-old party - the funny faces as she tasted her cupcake, the joy of the wrapping paper, the mini-meltdowns over ripping toys out of her hands that she just opened (to open something else of course). So cute.

There were some extended family that I hadn't seen for awhile there, and we got to talking about our upcoming family reunion this August, and I just got all warm and fuzzy.

I am grateful for family heritage.

I have such good memories growing up with my cousins (on both my mom and dad's sides). And so now, as adults, it's so fun to be having children together and going through a totally different faze of our lives.

The foundation that holds us together is our family - mainly our grandparents, which we share, and who we all have such fond memories of. I loved seeing pictures of my Grandpa Joe and Grandma Frances sitting on a table at my cousin's house. I just felt like I belonged there, and that both of them were smiling down from heaven on us...having such a nice afternoon together.

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