Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 160.

Dylan has made up a new pretend-play activity that has taken over almost ALL her play. It started last night, and has continued today into a full-blown all morning pastime. It's called, "Celebration!" She's SO excited about playing Celebration that it is catching...Noah gets on the bandwagon and I admit, I'm even excited about this game, that involves a lot of imagining and a LOT of mess.

I am grateful for "Celebration!"

How many players: Only 1 to set up, but unlimited actual players - if you play by the rules
Ages: 2 (if you play by the rules) and up
Rules: Have fun, listen to Dylan, and don't suggest cleaning it all up
How to play: Make a poster for your Celebration and hang it on the wall in the designated celebration area - with tape. Lay a huge scarf down on the ground (either the rug or today it was the hallway - making it impossible to walk down the hall). Then run around the house collecting things from all parts of every room, bringing together a very eclectic group of toys and objects and setting them all around the perimeter of the scarf, creating a virtual playroom. Then bring lots of play food and make place settings for all the invitees. Use foam bowling pins as drinks. Then run screaming to the guests, saying "It's time for the celebration! It's time for the celebration!" Guests come to the Celebration and enjoy their play food and drink, take turns sharing and playing with all the toys, and make sure to talk excitedly about the Celebration!
Game over.
How to win: Clearly, Dylan is the real winner.

When I asked what we were celebrating, Dylan said, "Valentine's day!"

I mean, DUH.


  1. Oh, I love it! I want to play! It sounds a teensy bit like the game that Iain loves to play with our giant scarf (dyed by you, thank you very much!) which also involves piling up various toys in a big heap, but then the scarf is laid on TOP of the toys because the toys are the garbage in the landfill and the scarf is "the layer of soil to keep out the rats and flies and squirrels".
    Love the scarves, hate the random piles of toys... but most of all I love Dylan's creativity and enthusiasm!

  2. i can just hear her excitement! wish we could play along, too.