Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 167.

Bible School went well today.

I am grateful for parent/child compromise.

Dylan and I agreed that the saddest parts of VBS for her were the opening and closing times, when all the kids got together to sing, and she just sat there missing me. So, our compromise today was for me to be there with her for those times. Then, she did the middle parts, with her age group, herself.

It worked beautifully, and she was a smiling girl having fun when I came up the stairs to meet her. Until she saw me - then she got all clingy, wouldn't sit with her class, and wouldn't participate in any of the music or movement. It was like my presence paralyzed her fun. Humph.

So, I gave her some space after the morning, and this afternoon we did some playful parenting (The My Little Ponies went to Bible School and missed their mommies). Then we talked again about me coming to these opening/closing times. I agreed that I would come to the opening time, but that tomorrow she'd try the closing time herself. I told her I'd be downstairs waiting for her when she was done, and she eventually bought into it.

We're transitioning. By Friday, she'll be great - just when it's over for another year. :)

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