Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 179.

I have been feeling like a discipline machine lately. Dylan seems to get into these fits of rage (mostly involving heat and humidity and her intolerance of it) and she just loses it. I have yelled more than I would like to admit in the past week - I just really try not to parent in high volume. But lately, I just feel backed into a corner, and have no other choice.

So, when I'm able to not discipline, I take that route. I'm trying to make extra note of times when I can just roll with the punches and not have to micromanage their every move.

I am grateful for laughing instead of scolding.

The kids and I were playing The Picnic Game while Jason was installing their air conditioner before bed. We had a wonderful time playing together, and it was time to put the game away and get ready for bed. But they were being silly and pretending to eat the cardboard food, eat the cardboard plates, and then eat the picnic blanket and game box. It was funny at first, but then got a little crazy, and I just saw them getting all wound up before bed. So, my instinct was to calm them down and get them to listen and follow directions, putting the pieces back in the box, and getting ready for bed. But if I would have done that, I would have missed a great moment. A moment where they both were hysterical together, running around the room being silly, pretending together, and really wanting me to join in the fun.

So, I checked my instincts, and couldn't help but start giggling. They laughed harder because they saw I wasn't going to scold them for not putting the game away, and we all had a fun little time.

I guess it's simple, and obvious, to take these joyous moments with your children and revel in them. But when you're in the day-to-day life of a mom, trying to get everyone fed, dressed, changed, pottied, teeth-brushed, encouraging them to clean up, share, listen, express themselves, play, and have forget. It is about raising them to be good, respectful human beings that will make this world a better place, but you can also take some time to stop and smell the roses.

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