Saturday, May 9, 2009

A1 A2 A3

Day 129.

Our church held a 4-week short sunday school class last spring on time management, and I learned a powerful tool. It has to do with making lists, and specifically A, B, and C lists. A being things you need to do NOW/today. B being less priority but still important, and C being things that are bigger longer term projects...someday I need to do these. And further - inside each category, you number things - so A1 is something that is first today, A2 second today and so forth. That way when you have time to work on your list - you go right in order. It helps organize all your random thoughts that go around in your head...someday I should do this...tomorrow I should do this...this HAS to be done today.

I am grateful for lists.

I love making lists. I crave the feeling of crossing off something on my list and the accomplishment that is. I have even been known to write something down on a list that I've already done - just to cross it off. It's a simple organizational tool that really helps me cut down on mental clutter. And the ABC lists totally do that for me.

So, today when I was freaking out about all I felt like I had to do, and all that WOULDN'T get done, I sat down and made three lists. The A's I wanted to get done today. The B's tomorrow or this week. And the C's - well those will be there for awhile unchecked. But that's OK - because writing them down let's me take them out of the continuous dialogue inside my head - "Remember Hilary, this needs to be done still!!"

Nevermind I only got two things done on my A list - #1 and #9. Oops.

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  1. Had you already done #1, 9 when you made the list?! ;) I totally do that, too!! Any suggestions in your class about where to put lists? Ours get made and then float around the house and get lost...hmm...