Friday, May 22, 2009

Big Box Fun

Day 142.

Did a lot of trip preparation today. Buying last minute necessities at Target, getting Noah's haircut, finally constructing a trellis for my sugar snap peas that are growing like mad! (yippee!!)

I am grateful for help at SuperTarget.

Once again, the help of my Great Aunt Jeanie was totally priceless. She has a way of entertaining children in the most odd places, and making something that is totally annoying as a That trip to ST would have been absolute torture by myself. As soon as we hit the party favor aisle, it was all over. The wouldn't stay strapped into the cart and so they were down with the merchandise, pawing everything like kittens. I was losing my mind, so Jeanie just said, "Go - do your shopping...we'll find you." And so I did. I got another cart and went through the store, only to come back after awhile and find the exact same place, only one aisle over to Crayola-world! I couldn't believe she had been keeping them entertained/CONTAINED for that whole time! I did a few more swipes throughout the store, all the while letting the three of them look, observe, talk, laugh, dance, and enjoy the store like I never have the patience for.

Fun at SuperTarget in my eyes is me giving you snacks in the cart and covering you in merchandise so you can't move. I just have a one track mind of getting the shopping done as soon as I can and not taking time for conversation or play.

Jeanie should hire herself out to go on errands with people and entertain their children. That way, you still get to be with your kids, but not deal with them pulling things off shelves, trying on all the necklaces on the rack, or dancing in the aisles while everyone stares and laughs/scowls.


  1. what a wonderful aunt you are so blessed to have! ask her if she'd like to come to PA to accompany me on some shopping trips! ;)