Thursday, May 28, 2009

I even listened to a whole adult audio book!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 147.

Trip accomplished! We made it to Fort Collins, Colorado at 8:30pm. After 1,137 miles of driving, we pulled into their driveway and my body was aching! The kids were not crying, not whining, and only slightly annoyingly asking "Are we in Colorado yet?"

They had been asking that for two days. Yes, even after 10 minutes in the car - and still in downtown Chicago.

I am grateful for proving myself right.

I have felt really calm about this trip all along. I knew there were two options in visiting my sister and her family: 1. to drive (flying with three kids I now have to pay for tickets for is...expensive) OR 2. to not go. #2 was not an option.

So, I geared up, planned incessantly, made many lists, and packed little lunch bags number 1-16 with little treats/toys in them and they got to pay me a trip "ticket" every hour to receive a bag. They loved that - and it avoided several meltdowns for Noah - when he was just about to lose it wanting to get out of his carseat, we would time travel a bit and "An hour is up! Pay me your ticket!" Saved again.

I'm not going to think about the trip home. THAT seems like a daunting, tiring, never-ending task. I guess I used up all my energy and positivity on the trip here. Hopefully the next six days of fun will refuel my road trip tolerance. Until then...I'm going to pretend I'm not going home.


  1. YOU DID IT!!! And...some great ideas for keeping happy campers during a long car ride. Thanks!!!

  2. Hooray! Have a fabulous week!