Thursday, May 7, 2009


Day 127.

We went to Washington Park today to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and gorgeous temperatures. Wow, it was a nice day. Noah ran around the tennis courts (he found a ball - jackpot!) throwing a tennis ball and retrieving it over and over again for himself. It was hilarious and so darn cute. His little cheeks were so flushed and his little butt in his little man jeans running across the court was about the cutest thing I've ever seen.

We met some friends there and had a nice lunch picnic under a shady tree. Ahhh, springtime. After lunch, the three older kids (including Dylan and Noah) hit the sand box, where they proceeded to play together for at least 30 minutes uninterrupted (until another little boy came over and started showering them with sand from above...). For 30 minutes Jill and I got to sit and chat: about life, about her new little girl only six weeks from the womb, and about parenting.

I am grateful for mom friends I can share parenting stories with.

I've been having some discipline/disrespect issues with Dylan for a little while now. I am really frustrated with where we are right now and ashamed at some of the whiny, disrespectful things coming out of my child's mouth. I know she's a great kid, and I know we'll get throw this rough patch, but really, it's upsetting. I overheard the kids on the porch with Jason the other night and got a really sour feeling - they sounded like such bratty kids. I was listening just as our neighbors around us with windows open were listening...and WOW. Whose kids are those?!

So, it's nice to have a friend who you can be honest with. Hear her stories, her frustrations, and her challenges. It's great to remind each other that it's probably a stage. That we can read up on our "How to Talk" materials, say less and provide natural consequences. I love that. You see, I love treating my children as real people, cause that's who they are. They don't like to be yelled at, just as I don't. They don't like to be talked down to. They don't like to hear "no." But they do need boundaries...and that is the balance. Provide boundaries but set them free to be their own person and become independent. And... no more whining.

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