Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello? Anyone? Are you there?

Day 139.

Something about getting onto your computer, ready to write your blog, and seeing that someone has left a comment. How fun!

I am grateful for posted comments.

Okay, I know, it takes time to comment. You don't always have something to say. You didn't like my post. You don't know how to type. The excuses for not commenting are endless. But just so you readers know, I love it when you do! It is fun to see who's reading, and when I go a week with only one comment (and it's my MOM - who has to be a reader :)), I wonder, is anyone out there?


  1. Thought I would comment for the sake of commenting..I always enjoy people commenting on my blog too...even though its few and far between...so I totally understand!

  2. Oh Hilary! I look forward to reading your new posts every day! You are such an inspiration to me! Can't wait to see you SOON! -Jen K.