Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm just not a good window shopper.

Day 126.

I am going on a road trip to Colorado with the kids in a couple of weeks - yes, did you hear that? I'm DRIVING to Colorado by myself with my two children. Am I crazy? Maybe. Are they going to give me my first gray hairs on this 15 hour drive? Quite possibly. Are they going to watch more DVDs than they ever have in their entire life on this trip? Most definitely.

I'm not doing this for the fun of the trip. I'm doing it because I love my sister, miss her and her family and have to. I have to see's just not an option. Planes are pretty much out now that both my children need a ticket. So, road trip it is!

I will probably be posting more about this trip in the future, so look forward to me pulling the smallest bit of gratitude out of crappy long days on the road. But for now, it's much simpler. I'm just planning ahead. So....

I am grateful for online shopping.

Seriously, what did people do without this fantastic resource? Not only can I sit on my couch, glass of Pinot Grigio in hand, watching America's Next Top Model and be researching the safest car seat for Dylan to transition into...I can also buy it right then and there, and see the FedEx woman carry it up my stairs in a matter of 3 days (free shipping thank you

Online shopping is dangerous, let's just make sure we put that out there. It's entirely too easy to type in your credit card number (that you shamefully have memorized) and click "Order" and it's done! But, most often I'm pretty mindful of my budget. Planning for a trip, however, all bets are off. Suddenly I think I need every item ever made to make a mom's car trip easier...and I need it NOW. New carseat (mine couldn't POSSIBLY be safe enough on this trip - afterall she is .5 inches over the height requirement), new car seat trays for coloring on/playing on, a middle of the carseat organizer for their toys/books/crayons/etc. en route...the list goes on. Pretty soon...those plane tickets will seem like a budget buy themselves!

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  1. Just to throw out the invitation--you're welcome to make a pit stop at our place in Ames if you need to (25 miles off of I-80). We've got lots of room outside to play and run! -Jen K.