Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thanks, Ronald!

Day 146.

Road trip!!

We made it our first leg, to Ames, IA, with only two stops - one for an impromptu potty break. And the other was our planned lunch at the McDonalds in Rock Falls, IL - planned in advance because of the PlayPlace there. Yippee! The food was revolting. I'll leave it at that. But, it was pouring rain! And so I couldn't have them run around outdoors to let off some steam as I thought might be an option. So,

I am grateful for the McDonald's PlayPlace.

What a savior! We scarfed down the grease and then they ran like mad all over this plastic structure, complete with a slide, areas to jump around, and lots of climbing up and through tunnels. It was perfect. We were back in the car in under an hour and they didn't even complain.

Day One, CHECK!


  1. Glad to hear it's going well! I hope you have a fun trip and time with your sister and fam!

  2. awesome! hope tomorrow goes well. we'll be rooting you on!

    impressive that you're still blogging "on the road."