Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Up at the butt-crack

Day 140.

I'm tired. Up way too late last night and up way too early this morning.
But, as much as I don't think of myself as a morning person, I do love mornings and the anticipation they hold.

I am grateful for a day to look forward to.

We have a full day of meeting someone at the park, meeting grandma Karen for lunch, and then driving home to go to playgroup - outside cause it's supposed to be 80! What a fun, sunny day to anticipate. Now I just wish I was drinking caffeine...


  1. Oh yes, this morning was a hard one! Today I was grateful to be going in to work for a few hours - it gave me a chance to recover! And I'm grateful for the beautiful weather - it's hard to be sluggish on a day like today, no matter how little sleep we all got!

  2. I, too, love a day to look forward to. A beautiful day outside and I am taking Liv to the Children's Please Touch Museum, but a fun day nonetheless. Have a fun day!!