Saturday, May 23, 2009

Green thumb?

Day 143.

I am grateful for a beautiful porch, and a sunny day to enjoy it on.

Do you see my fishing line/nail trellis for my sugar snap peas (far side of porch, on right)? And the ugly hanging thing on left is my topsy-turvy tomato planter (thank you As Seen On TV store!). Basil, red leaf lettuce, thumbelina carrots, and violetas in pots on table.

Window boxes with marigolds, pansies, red torpedo onions, scallions, lemon verbena, strawberries and radishes.

Another shot of the window boxes.


  1. very cool. i hope that it keeps working and growing for you!

  2. love all the plants! they are looking good!

  3. very nice! can't wait to hear how everything tastes...mmm! it looks great!!

  4. You'll love those sugar snap peas! I planted them last year and ate a couple handfuls off the vine before we got a hail storm in June that shredded the rest. But, they were delicious! So much so that I doubled or tripled the amount I'll be planting this year . . . but not for another week and a half out here in MT. Hopefully avoiding any snow or hail :)