Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gratitude for Gratitude's Sake

Day 125.

I was going to post about something totally different - the zoo - which was amazing and fun and thanks Christy and fam for a fun time today - but I'll post about that on my other blog. But then as I was signing on to post, I saw this wonderful email sitting in my inbox, from a wonderful friend. And I was touched. It was an email of gratitude.

I am grateful for being someone's else's recognition of gratitude.

That sounds a little weird when I write it like that, but essentially, I couldn't believe that someone else was grateful for ME! I know I have friends and family that love me. And I am so thankful they do...because I know that support system is crucial to my life. But to really get a note from someone telling you that you are important to them, that something you did or said or just how you are is special - well that's really great.

It's funny, because it doesn't make me feel cocky or give myself a pat on the back and move on. You know what it does? It makes me grateful. Grateful for the friendship. Grateful for the opportunity to touch other people's lives. Grateful for gratitude itself, and the peace and grace it provides.

Catch the gratitude bug. It will multiply in your life hundreds of times over again.

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  1. This post was highlighted in the May 5 edition of Gratitude Watch.Thank you for promoting the value of gratitude.