Monday, May 11, 2009

Don't just listen - LOOK!

Day 131.

I am the ultimate multi-tasker sometimes. I seriously can hear my children talking, wash the dishes, and come up with in my brain what we'll have for dinner later. Am I real productive at any of the three while doing this? The jury's out. But not according to my children.

They've caught onto me. And that was so evident today, several times, as Noah and Dylan (both seperately) persisted, "Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!..." and wouldn't go on with their question or comment until I stopped what I was doing and looked at them. Not just listened with a "Yes Dylan? What do you want?" but really listened - with my eyes too.

I am grateful for kid-driven patience.

I have the time to stop my dish mid-wipe and look at my 2-year old's coloring page. I have the time to not fold that basket of clothes and instead play The Picnic Game with my 4-year old. I have the time to stop writing an email to a Bradley student to notice what a cool block tower my kids have made...together!

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  1. yes, and i have the time to stop reading my sister's blog and "see how pretty this blue crayon colors." oops, i've been caught, too! :-)