Thursday, May 28, 2009

One more mommy, please?

Day 148.

My sister and I were making dinner tonight for longtime friends of ours from Champaign who happened to be in Colorado for a wedding this weekend - same weekend as I came to town! So, we had a reunion of times! While making this delicious dinner, Noah was having a rough time and really just wanted me to hold him and not let me cook.

So, we pulled up a chair to the island in their kitchen and let him stand there while I cut up fruit for the fruit salad. He couldn't just stand there and WATCH me cut up this delicious bowl of yumminess. He wanted to partake...NOW.

I am grateful for giving in.

I am usually a "Wait until snacks before dinner" kind of mom. I just hate it when anyone in my family (including my husband) ruins the dinner (I just spent an hour making) with a snack. For Jason, he's usually eating something like chips and baba ganoush, salami, or something else equally full of protein (and therefore proportionally diminishing his appetite). For Noah, today it was fruit. Blueberries, grapes, cherries.

Ok, really - am I banning my 2-year old son from fruit before dinner? So, I want him to sit and eat a dinner with everyone else and have a balanced meal. But seriously - what is so wrong about an appetizer of fruit?

Absolutely nothing, and I'm glad that came clear to me as I started to scold, "Only one more blueberry!"

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