Monday, May 25, 2009

Trip Eve

Day 145.

We spent an awesome day together as a family of four. I know it's not a huge deal to be away from your husband for nine days, or for him to be away from his wife and kids for that long. But for us, when we've never done it that long - I think five is the max so far since marriage! - it seems long. And so an extra nice day together was just the goodbye we needed.

I am grateful for this family of four.

I will miss you Jason. For the next nine days I'll be on a fun adventure for sure. I'll be watching the cousins interact, catching up with my sister, enjoying the Colorado weather, and will be essentially on "vacation." But damn, I'll miss you.

And so will your kids. They need you so badly in their life as a constant, and they usually have that. When that is disrupted by random trips across the country, well, they are going to be in need of some good daddy time come June 4th. Nevermind that Dylan didn't want to hear your voice tonight reading "Today I Will Fly" - you know she adores you more than any other. She is your little girl and always will be. And Noah, he will surely miss your target pitches as I attempt to play baseball with him in your absence.

It was a fun day, and there will be more very soon, but for the next nine days, Skype will have to suffice.


  1. thanks to jason for giving you all up. we will surely miss him, too. :-(

  2. Have a fun, safe trip, Hil!