Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back pain

Day 134.

I am grateful to have Jason home for a few days.

But not really for these reasons. Jason through his back out this past Sunday - and has been almost unable to walk the past few days - he's been off of work since Monday and has been doing nothing much besides going to the chiropractor, icing his back, doing minimal walking and laying flat on his back. He's in a lot of pain.

So, we've had daddy home this week a lot! And while I know he is super frustrated, in a lot of pain, and really ready to be back at work (and of course I only wish this would all go away because I hate to see him in pain), it's been kinda nice to have him lounging around the house. Ok, so I admit sometimes I've gotten annoyed that he's home and not able to do ANYTHING. And I admit that I've not been as much of a servant to him as I should be. I should have asked him more often if I could get him anything. I should have been getting his ice packs for him. And I should have way more sympathy.

So, honey, I'm grateful that your back is healing and you are starting to feel better. I always complain that you don't have enough sympathy for MY ailments, and now the tables are turned. It does feel good when your spouse takes care of you and goes out of their way to nurse you back to health, doesn't it? And I regret I haven't done enough of that. It's been really nice to have you around. I love you deeply and hate seeing you in so much pain.

So, what can I do to make you more comfortable? I really mean it.

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