Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Change in weather

Day 133.

Something about rain that makes you feel justified to stay inside and do housework. Makes your kids a little more likely to get along (or less likely some days I suppose). You aren't feeling the nagging pull to bask in the sunshine that keeps you from really focusing on more necessary duties indoors.

I get a lot done when it rains, and I guess this is why. I can't go to the ____ (insert park, zoo, walk to the store, etc.) so might as well scrap all plans and stay home this morning. Then I end up feeling really motivated because I have this concentrated time I can do, do, do!

Nothing extraordinarily fantastic got accomplished today - in fact, I even managed to put a soy sauce glass bottle in the washing machine with my kitchen towels (some mix-up with a recycling bag and dirty towel bag looking the same) and proceeded to not be able to open the locked front loading washing machine until it was too late - and shards of glass were spewed throughout the washing machine AND all the towels. Cleaning that up was something I would have rather not added to my to-do list.

Even so,

I am grateful for rain.

The kids painted at their easel, they took a leisurely bath, we made milkshakes and I ate my lunch at 10:30am. A rainy day is perfect for accomplishing things and making up new rules.

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