Tuesday, March 3, 2009

5:00 Sip

Day 62.

It's 4:55 in the late afternoon...let's call it early evening. And I'm sitting down with a nice glass of wine (by nice I mean 2-buck-chuck) and blogging. What is it about a glass of wine at this time of day (really 5:00 is usually the time I don't aim to beat)? It's more enjoyable than any other, especially while cooking. I was just doing that (made a big pot of chili - then overcooked some cornbread by about 30 minutes).

I am grateful for early evening glasses of wine.

It's not that I'm a lush. I'm sure my mom is reading this now and thinking, "oh who have I raised?" But mom, it's so much more than the alcohol.

It's the significance of this glass of wine -
It reads relaxation.
It reads Welcome home Jason, MY turn to not think about children for 10 minutes.
It reads I am an adult, you children are not, and I'm drinking this now.
It reads I'm enjoying a hobby of mine: cooking, while also nourishing my family.
It reads my mind is wandering away from puzzles, stuffed animals and art projects.

Then, I get snapped back to reality with a tug on the shirt and poop exploding out of a diaper, or somebody snatching a toy and hysteria following. But that's OK. Because I'm just a little more relaxed, just a little more adult, just a little more ready for the next part of chaos.


  1. (Sigh) I'm with you on this, in spirit for now, but for real in a few weeks! Even though I'm still flying solo at 5:00, breaking out that little glass of wine (when not pregnant, of course), makes that last hour seem that much more bearable!

  2. "Oh, who have I raised?

  3. I miss wine! (sigh)

  4. We call it 'mommy's juice' in our house =)