Saturday, March 14, 2009

My little treat tonight

Day 72.

Friday, March 13, 2009

This will be a short one. I got home at 11:30pm from Scrapbooking with a friend at Archiver's. And I'm really tired.

I am grateful for scrapbooks.

After spending six hours working on my book (I'm ashamedly still on 2007), I am just so in love with doing it all over again. I rarely work on it, and get more and more behind each month. But, when I do it, I have so much fun and really am proud of getting pictures in a place that is accessible and easy for others to enjoy. I'm not a real "scrappy" person with all the elaborate layouts and 3D embellishments, but my style of layout and decoration is just enough for me, and just enough for me not to spend hours doing one page.

Now, I'm so motivated to do more! Anyone want to come over for a scrapbook/photo album night?

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  1. YES!!! I didn't know you were a "scrapper" Hilary! I am embarassingly behind on my scrapping. Really embarassingly. Like I need to catch up on about 2 years worth of stuff. But having someone to do it with would be so much fun. Maybe one evening some time, we could get together and get scrapping?